welcome to my daily blog

This is my own cozy corner of the internet where I rant about an assortment of topics.  And even after five years of daily blogging, I still find it hard to write a proper ‘About Me’ page. In recent times, I’ve tried to narrow it down to describing my interests and what you can expect on this blog. I’ve had various interests over the years, but these days, I’m settling down with what I’m sure will be my lifelong interests.


Although I’ve slowed down these days, I still manage to read over a dozen books each year. I read all sorts of books, with no paricular author or genre to call my favourite. I write books as well, although that journey has been a bit sluggish.


I consider games to be the evolved form of books. They have the potential to convey amazing stories and give you a sense of immersion that no other medium can. I play a lot of Assassin’s Creed, but have tried my hand at almost every genre.

and a bunch of other stuff

I do a lot of other things. I design websites, ponder about the mysteries of the universe, watch a few dozen movies each year, tinker with gadgets whenever I can, lead the peaceful and surprisingly adventurous life of an introvert and at the end of the day, I come here and blog.

About this blog

I’m currently working on bringing a few changes to this blog, but as long as you can read this sentence, expect nothing more than a random collection of musings and ramblings from a lazy guy who…who…is too lazy to think of a good way to end this sentence.

Last updated on January 6, 2017