Most people who know me love calling me a video game addict. While I laugh it off most of the time, one day I wanted to take it seriously. An addict is someone who is so habituated to doing something that he can’t stop. Trying to stay away from that habit usually results in withdrawal symptoms, the most common of which is getting irritated.

So when I realised that I had to cut down on my gaming time to spare more time for web designing, I also realised that this would be a good opportunity to test if I’m a real ‘addict’ or if I’m just a normal gamer.

I gave myself just one rule – do not play video games on weekdays. And although it’s been just two weeks, I’m happy to observe that I haven’t exhibited any withdrawal symptoms at all. Whenever I wanted to take a break, I did something other than playing games. It’s certainly given me a lot of time, given that my gaming sessions usually last for a minimum of two hours each. It also helps that I’m currently not playing any single-player games. Multiplayer gaming is definitely suited for situations like these where I need to limit my gaming time.

All that said and done, I’m still eagerly looking forward to the day when I have the luxury of playing story-based games again, with sessions lasting up to four hours! If anything, that’s one of my motivations to make sure that the business runs smoothly pretty soon.