The Playstation 4 Pro has finally hit Indian shores officially. Although I can’t buy it right now, I did spend a few minutes ogling the product (even though I did the same for its US release) Going into the details, I realised that it’s a more expensive console than it looks. While the console itself costs Rs.39000 at the moment, you can’t really use its complete power unless you have a 4K TV. If you need to buy one of those as well, it’s going to cost you another 40k at the very least (although good quality 4K TVs tend to cost above 50k) 80,000 rupees for the very best PlayStation experience? I dare you to still think that gaming is for kids!

What’s more, there’s no guarantee that all games will run at the golden standard of 1080p/60fps. It’s up to individual developers to properly optimize the games and put in the required “modes” to make the games run at that level. But as reports have shown, it’s still early and a lot of games actually run worse on a Pro than on the base console.

All this might sound like a case of sour grapes, since I can’t buy the console right now. But hey, we do need reasons to say no to ourselves, right?

I’ll always keep an eye out on the Pro, watching out for performance updates or price drops. And when the time is right….mwahahaha…