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Some of the best feedback I received from people about my writing was not for my book but for my emails. While not as appealing as real letters, receiving long emails from a friend is quite exciting. Today’s internet has no time for long emails. If you have news, send it as as instant message. If you want to talk casually, make a free voice/video call or have a long chat that is split between several hours.

In a way it’s a relief not to have to type long emails, but it’s just one of many reminders of how the internet has changed drastically in a short span of time.

In many ways, I am steadily growing tired of all the noise on the web. And it’s sad to see a lot of people readily invest a major chunk of their lives in building carefully curated profiles and then complain that they don’t have time to pursue their interests or just to relax and unwind.

The worst part is that if you live/work in a city, you can’t afford to stay off the internet. A lot of communication between friends and co-workers now happens almost exclusively through social networking sites. It’s almost a trap that you willingly lead yourselves into.

When I was a kid I was a true internet addict. I had no idea what I really wanted to do online but I was eager to stay online because it was just so amazing! Most of the Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat addicts are going through something similar now. They’re using these sites because they feel it’s an amazing routine in their lives. It might take a few years for that fun to wear off. By that time these companies will morph into something different and attempt to retain their users in some other fashion.

As someone who’s going to build websites for a living I can’t really suggest staying away from the internet as a solution for a better life. All I can say is that the internet is just like any other tool. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use it and how much you want it to influence your life. The old internet won’t come back and today’s internet won’t stay the same for much longer. Take a good look at your plan for the present and the future.