Hate Crime? No. Drunk Crime

This weekend, the story that got most people talking was the unfortunate murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who was shot in the city of Olathe, USA. His friend was also shot at, but luckily survived and is currently recovering. While the… Continue Reading →

Turbulent Times in TN

A cyclone, the death of a prominent public figure, agitations to protect local culture and a bitter political battle for the Chief Minister’s throne; the recent past has not been kind to Tamil Nadu. Today’s political drama news was at… Continue Reading →

One Down, Eleven To Go

Whew, we’re done with January. I always feel that the first month goes by very slowly and then the rest of the year just goes by like a whirlwind. And when I write something like that, it can only mean… Continue Reading →

An Unpleasant Follow-Up

Since the year started on such a happy note, something had to happen to balance that out. Today, my dad’s mobile got stolen in a public place. Now, I wouldn’t really mention such a thing on the blog if not… Continue Reading →

The Concerned Phone Call

I got a concerned phone call today. It was a wrong number, but it was interesting enough to lead to this post. It was from a branch of Sri Chaitanya colleges. The caller didn’t bother to inquire if it was… Continue Reading →

What’s Next?

People have poured in their “congratulations” and have received their “thanks a lot”; and now it’s a new week all over again. Everyone’s returned to their routine and I’m at home, with no clear directive in mind. Leaving a steady… Continue Reading →

Good Luck, Old Friend

One of my closest friends and one of the earliest readers of this blog celebrated her wedding day today. I’d like to thank her for giving me a readymade topic to write today! Seriously though, I’d like to thank her… Continue Reading →

Tired of Being Tired

Today was a heavy work day. And I’m too tired of thinking up something to write. So I’ll just write about how tiring it is to get tired. Here’s a tidbit from my novel: in the world I’m writing about,… Continue Reading →

The System Works!

I remember writing long back that I’ve never been stopped by a traffic policeman while riding a two-wheeler. That still holds true, but today I got stopped while handling a four-wheeler. The story however, is that to my pleasant surprise,… Continue Reading →

Food, Clothing, Shelter

Recently I had to go to the fifth floor of a shopping mall to watch a movie. Since the lift was full (and I was too impatient to wait for the next one) I took the escalators. As I climbed… Continue Reading →

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