It’s Just An Award Show

By now you might have heard about how there was a major flub at the Oscars a few hours ago. The biggest award category of the event – Best Picture – was presented to the wrong movie, because of an… Continue Reading →

The Oscars Are In Town

The Oscar season is in full swing and there are a handful of Oscar-nominated movies screening in the city exclusively for this season. This happens every year of course, but it’s always a surprise to suddenly see such a diverse… Continue Reading →

The Day A Bird Took Away The Oscar

The actual reason for Birdman winning the Oscar for Best Picturemight be something entirely different, but I’m guessing it was the gimmicky cinematography that paid off. If true, that’s not a bad thing at all. After more than a century… Continue Reading →

Life of Pi Loses “Best Picture”

Life of Pi did not win the Oscar for Best Picture, but it did win Ang Lee an Oscar for Directing. It was evident before itself that Argo would probably win the Oscar for Best Picture.  Just 5-6 years ago, it was almost… Continue Reading →

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