Bãhubali 2 – The Conclusion

This “review” is split into three sections: A completely spoiler-free opinion that does not have even the smallest of hints as to what happens in the movie. Stop at this section if you wish to watch the movie without knowing… Continue Reading →

So Many Crores But…

…the movie could have been a whole lot better. It’s hard to miss reports of Baahubali breaching the Rs.500 crore mark in worldwide gross box-office collections. I won’t be going deep into the numbers but would like to ramble about… Continue Reading →

Bãhubali – The Review

Rajamouli certainly takes his sweet time to make blockbusters and time doesn’t wait for movies. Life has been rushing by at a great pace in between Rajamouli’s releases. When Magadheera (2009) came out I was an undergrad. When Eega (2012)… Continue Reading →

How I Bought A Movie Ticket

India is a nice place to be, but on days like today, you can’t help but wish that there were fewer people in the country! With literally thousands of people trying to buy tickets for halls that can only hold… Continue Reading →

గ్రాఫిక్స్ సరే, కథ సంగతేంటి?

బాహుబలి, బాహుబలి అని రెండేళ్లుగా తెగ గోల పెడుతోంది ఆ సినిమా మార్కెటింగ్ టీం. కాని చూపించడానికి మాత్రం పెద్దగా ఏమి లేకపోయింది. చివరికి ఇవాళ ట్రైలర్ విడుదల చేశారు. సినిమాల్లో వాడే విజువల్ ఎఫెక్ట్స్ ని మనం తెలుగు కాని తెలుగు లో “గ్రాఫిక్స్” అని పిలుస్తాం. అలాంటి గ్రాఫిక్స్ ఈ సినిమా లో… Continue Reading →

One Year in the Making, One More Year to Release

S.S.Rajamouli and Trivikram Srinivas are two Telugu directors whose movies are generally a whole lot enjoyable than the usual Telugu fare. Although both directors started out with movies that stuck to the standard masala formula, they began carving out their… Continue Reading →

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