Trying to fill an hour of free time, I remembered that I hadn’t test-run Ubuntu 16.10, even though it came out nearly four months ago. So I immediately created a virtual machine, downloaded the 16.10 ISO and ran a live session. And when I finally saw the desktop, I was underwhelmed. There was almost nothing new to talk about except of course, that it was a more secure version than its predecessor.

This used to be my little tradition on every Ubuntu release day. I used to keep up with the features being added/removed with every release and I would eagerly try all of them on day one. Then life happened and I drifted away from Ubuntu. Then I got to use the Mac OS X for a year and I almost forgot Ubuntu.

OS X is essentially a pretty interface wrapped around a UNIX kernel. So in theory it can do almost everything that Ubuntu does, but with more style and simplicity.  I still believe in the open-source community, but I guess you can’t really compete with a whole bunch of software engineers who are paid (well) to build and maintain the beautiful OS X.

Ubuntu and Linux as a whole might not be rulers of the desktop right now, but it’s heartening to remember that most servers that power the internet are still run on Linux.

As for me, I feel sorry that unless there’s some drastic change, I’m not going to go back to using Ubuntu as my primary OS.