In a day when any city dweller who reads a newspaper is considered to be a fossil, it was a pleasant surprise to see that The Hindu is still investing in a redesign and even willing to increase its cover price to try something new.

The newspaper recently redesigned its website and today it unveiled its new look for the print edition as well. While there’s nothing much to talk in terms of actual design, the editors now want to focus on redesigning the content itself.

The Sunday edition will now cost Rs.12 – a 100% increase from its earlier price of Rs.6- and in return you get a fatter newspaper, filled with content that is intended to be read “at leisure”. The price will remain the same during the rest of the week, but we’re promised more pages and more content crammed into those pages.

It does make sense in a way, because city dwellers know that they don’t read newspapers for the news. They get their news from the internet. They read the papers for analysis, opinions and other though-provoking articles. That is why these major changes are currently limited to major cities.

While newspapers are shutting down all around the world, it’s nice to see papers over here still going strong. The decline is inevitable, but there’s no harm in postponing it for a few more years.