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Fourteen Months Of Hype

It’s not uncommon for film studios to start marketing their movies six or seven months before their release. Marvel’s 2018 movie – Avengers Infinity War is so important for the studio that they’ve started marketing it fourteen months before the… Continue Reading →

2000 Posts And 5,00,000 Words Later

This post was simultaneously published on Medium. A lot of it might seem like a repeat of my earlier post, but I’m posting it here for the simple reason that I don’t have to write anything else today! This is… Continue Reading →


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A Really Bad Gateway

This evening I had no idea what I was about to write today. I thought I would log in to the site first and then think about something. But that plan was foiled when a big blue alligator popped up… Continue Reading →

Turbulent Times in TN

A cyclone, the death of a prominent public figure, agitations to protect local culture and a bitter political battle for the Chief Minister’s throne; the recent past has not been kind to Tamil Nadu. Today’s political drama news was at… Continue Reading →

Fallout Shelter Arrives On The XBox

Without realizing it, I spent a few dozen hours playing Fallout Shelter on the mobile and on PC. When I finally stopped, I was pretty much “done” with the game, even though new “quests” were constantly coming in. It’s definitely… Continue Reading →

Spending 1 Crore In 4 Minutes

Sorry if that sounded like a click bait title but there wasn’t any other way to write about this ridiculous topic. This isn’t breaking news, but it is a shocking reminder of something that has been in public knowledge for… Continue Reading →

It Was A Grand Tour Indeed

I didn’t watch The Grand Tour with nostalgia goggles, because I never watched Top Gear. So I’m happy to disagree with the Top Gear fans that this show is weak. From what I’ve understood by reading up about the old… Continue Reading →

Medium Debut Close-by

There’s no real reason to announce this via a post, but this was the only thing I could write about today. I’ve been trying to start writing on Medium for quite a while now. The main excuse I’ve been giving… Continue Reading →

The PS4 Slim & Pro Are Almost Here

Sony sure knows that Indian gamers are more eager to know the price of the PS4 Pro rather than the availability date. So it’s not entirely surprising that today’s announcement only vaguely  mentioned that the console will be available in… Continue Reading →

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