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More Jio News Incoming

With a little over a month left for the second trial period to end, Reliance Jio is in the news again as Mr.Ambani made another of his speeches with the same dull blue background. For the third consecutive time, that… Continue Reading →

The Old Internet – Part 2

Read the first part here. Some of the best feedback I received from people about my writing was not for my book but for my emails. While not as appealing as real letters, receiving long emails from a friend is… Continue Reading →

MCU @ Home?

At this point,  the Marvel Cinematic Universe has settled into a predictable groove. After fourteen films, it can be truly challenging to come up with something truly innovative with the next story. Not that the writers aren’t trying – they… Continue Reading →

The Weekend Gaming Routine

Most people who know me love calling me a video game addict. While I laugh it off most of the time, one day I wanted to take it seriously. An addict is someone who is so habituated to doing something… Continue Reading →

Refreshing A Newspaper

In a day when any city dweller who reads a newspaper is considered to be a fossil, it was a pleasant surprise to see that The Hindu is still investing in a redesign and even willing to increase its cover… Continue Reading →

Sorry, Ubuntu

Trying to fill an hour of free time, I remembered that I hadn’t test-run Ubuntu 16.10, even though it came out nearly four months ago. So I immediately created a virtual machine, downloaded the 16.10 ISO and ran a live… Continue Reading →

The Pro Has Arrived

The Playstation 4 Pro has finally hit Indian shores officially. Although I can’t buy it right now, I did spend a few minutes ogling the product (even though I did the same for its US release) Going into the details,… Continue Reading →

A Bundle Of Games Against Trump

Humble Bundle has put together a “Freedom Bundle” to support an organization that is fighting against Donald Trump’s recent immigration ban. For a minimum price of $30, you will get more than two dozen good-quality games and a bunch of… Continue Reading →

Front Page Ad For A 3-Year Old Phone

Although I’m too lazy now to go check if the ad was paid for by Apple or one of its Indian distributors, it doesn’t really matter. It’s both amazing and disappointing that there’s a huge enough market to warrant spending… Continue Reading →

Fighting For Honor

Ubisoft still hasn’t revealed any news about the next Assassin’s Creed game, but the company is releasing a new IP next week, one that has garnered a lot of interest in the gaming community. The title is called For Honor… Continue Reading →

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