It took me a week to make this decision and it was easier to stick to it once I realised that it won’t really hurt anyone.

I’m going to stop daily blogging.

After recently crossing the milestone of 5,00,000 words in 2000 posts, it hit me that continuing a daily format doesn’t really help me improve my writing nor will it offer anything interesting to the readers. This blog has always been about me first, given that it was created to help me inculcate the habit of writing. Along the years however, the few readers who stuck with it have been reading a lot of the posts and some of them even used to ask me whenever there was a delay in the daily posts.

Notice the words “used to“.

Yes, time has rolled by to the extent that even my regular readers have gotten into busier schedules and although they still find time to visit the blog, the daily visits have now changed to weekly or even monthly visits.

So on one hand I keep missing my daily targets and then rush to make some mediocre posts to fill the gap on a single day, and on the other I have frequent, but weekly visitors.  That’s a dual problem. The solution was obvious and yet it took me a week to finally settle on the decision.

I’m going to start weekly blogging.

Spending a week’s time to write one thoughtful post instead of writing seven random ones is quite beneficial. It will help me gradually level up my writing and it will offer a good read to the weekly visitors.

I still intend to write randomly, so the weekly post might fit into any of my several categories. Since I already have enough drafts to go on till February 28, the daily format will continue till the end of the month. After that I’ll publish a new post to the blog every Sunday at 9am.

This also means that my barely one-month old design will need to change as well. That’s a bit of a shame, as I’m quite proud of it, but it served its purpose. I still intend to save the design for my portfolio.

I’ll be spending the remaining four days of this month coming up with a new design (luckily, I’m a web designer!) and will also prepare a mailing list. If you find yourself being too lazy to visit this site, subscribe to the mailing list and I’ll send out an email every week with the new post!

But wait, there’s more.

I’m going to start a new blog. Actually, I’ve already started it and it’s out there; you probably just don’t know the URL yet. Unlike, this new blog has a central theme and it’s a theme on which I could write not one but ten daily posts! What’s the theme, you ask?

More about that either tomorrow or on Sunday.