By now you might have heard about how there was a major flub at the Oscars a few hours ago. The biggest award category of the event – Best Picture – was presented to the wrong movie, because of an error made by the accountant who handed out the envelope. While many people have said many things about the incident, the one that really made sense was said by the host – Jimmy Kimmel – in the heat of the moment:

Let’s remember, it’s just an awards show…

Although he might not have said that in a scripted delivery, it holds true. The Oscars are considered to be the most prestigious awards ceremony in Hollywood…only because people continue to agree that it is the most prestigious awards ceremony in Hollywood. To win an Oscar is nice, because that makes other people say nice things about you; but not winning an Oscar doesn’t really make a huge difference. It’s just an awards show that has the approval of a majority of ‘important’ people in Hollywood.

This can be said about any awards show, really or about any competition. The whole purpose of conducting a competition is to set a goal for the participants so that they can train their skills and improve themselves. That’s a good objective and in that sense, award shows are definitely necessary.

It’s just that incidents like the one that happened today are reminders that these competitions are not perfect themselves, so just in case you’re one of those super-competitive type of people, remind yourself of the day when the famous Oscar ceremony revealed that at the end of the day, we are all just human.