This is a delayed response to an old article which reported that Amazon India has seen an 80% increase in their Kindle device sales in recent times. Their Kindle Unlimited subscription also seems to be gaining in popularity, because I’ve begun to see reviews pop-up for Kindle titles that are offered under this subscription. This is really interesting news for someone who wants to publish their books on the Kindle platform.

What’s doubtful however, is exactly how large the Kindle market in India is right now. You don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. An app on your phone/tablet will do. So there might be thousands of Indians reading eBooks exclusively on their mobile devices and we might never know how many.

At the moment Amazon is enjoying a near-monopoly in the Indian eBook market. There’s no direct competitor here, like the Barnes & Noble Nook in the USA. So readers will either stick to Kindle or with real books.

So it’s a really good time right now to try and publish more books on the Kindle platform.