If you visit a place in the “off-season”, you’re most likely to experience something bad.

That’s what happened on my recent family tour of Gujarat. We chose a bad time to visit the state and the biggest disappointment was probably that the Gir Safari was closed till October. More on that later.

Apparently, a good time to visit the state would be in the winter, because the rest of the year you’re going to sweat a lot, like we did throughout our tour.

The major part of the tour was spent in visiting temples and museums, because the biggest attraction – the Safari – was not available. My family was happy with visiting the famous Dwaraka and Somnath temples, which had been on their to-visit list for a long time. The Somnath temple in particular was very impressive, although the excessive security measures put us in a gloomy mood.

I was looking forward to the ‘Gir Experience Zone’, which was sort of a consolation offering to tourists like us who visited the forest at this time of the year. The ‘experience’ consisted of a 30-minute ride in a closed bus through a part of the forest and we got to see four napping lions, a leopard and a few birds. They seemed as bored as us and all of us were glad to get out of the stuffy bus.

And that finishes what is probably my shortest travel post, because there’s nothing more to write about. I’m sure the state has a lot more to offer and I’ll probably get to see more if I visit during the right time, but for now this was kind of a cold visit to an extremely hot state.