After going out for a while and returning home later in the day, I found that the internet connection was down. This had to happen on the day I planned to write my last daily post on the blog!

Obviously, it instantly reminded me of the dozens of times I complained about bad internet access over the years on this blog. And I’m proud of now being able to afford the luxury of a “back-up” internet connection that’s helping me publish this post.

It’s sure been an amazing ride so far. The journey’s not over and the blog isn’t being shut down. It’s just moving to a weekly format.

In case you missed my last post about this issue, I will now be publishing a new post on the blog every Sunday at 9AM. I’ve made two small changes to that plan:

  1. I’ll not restrict myself entirely to posting only on Sundays. If there’s something important or really exciting to write about, I’ll surely scribble something real quick. I’ll also keep the option open to returning to a daily format if and when I really have a lot to write on a daily basis. My blog, my rules!
  2. One of those random scribbles will be an announcement (and link) to a newsletter. If you subscribe to that newsletter, my weekly post will reach you via email, before it gets published on the blog. Now isn’t that a good deal?

Well that’s about it. Once published, this will be post # 2019. I have a good feeling that the transition to the weekly format will keep me excited about blogging till 2019.

See you on Sunday!