Ubisoft still hasn’t revealed any news about the next Assassin’s Creed game, but the company is releasing a new IP next week, one that has garnered a lot of interest in the gaming community. The title is called For Honor and it is essentially an evolved version of the standard fighting game.

The game features three classes of warriors – Knights, Vikings and Samurai – who use a wide range of medieval weapons to duke it out on the battlefield. It is designed to be a multiplayer experience, although the game does feature a single-player campaign.

I tried the multiplayer part of it with the ongoing open Beta and immediately realised it wasn’t a casual game. The fighting mechanics are quite different compared to the usual swordplay we have in Ubisoft’s other games. You can’t just go wildly swinging your sword. You’ll be spending a large portion of a match in a defensive stance, trying to guess and react in a split-second to your opponent’s attack.

It’s definitely a tricky game to play and requires patience. I did enjoy the part where I was learning the mechanics for the first time, but when I started playing against other players, I was humiliated within seconds, which is never really enjoyable!

I’m eager to see what sort of reviews the single player campaign receives before picking up the game.