“Don’t sit so close to the TV. You’ll go blind.”

That’s one of the oldest myths that most children grow up with. While it’s true that your eyesight will be pretty bad if you watch too much TV at a young age, you won’t go blind. That’s something entirely different.

As someone who’s been bespectacled for nearly two decades, I know how scary the thought of being blind is. I’m semi-blind whenever I take off my spectacles and it’s not fun. So it was a scary experience to walk into the ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ exhibition. Millions of people have experienced this tour before me, so I’m not going to act as if I’m the first person to discover it. All I’ll say is that if you haven’t taken this tour, you should definitely see it once.

You walk into pitch darkness with just a voice to guide you. The purpose of the tour is to show you how your other four senses take over once your eyes are ‘disabled’. Here’s a quick introduction video.

Most people might just go “wow” at the experience and then forget about it completely in a day or two. But I’ll likely remember it for a long time. It was truly an unforgettable dialogue in the dark.