The Kindle Unlimited library now boasts over 1 million titles and you can read all of them for a yearly price of Rs.1800 (it’s a discounted price, but it’s been like that since a year)

On the surface, that’s a really amazing deal for bookworms. One price to get enough books for the entire year is a good idea, with the catch that you won’t always get the books you want.

I’ve recently reviewed my reading history for the year that I’ve had the subscription. And it turns out that I haven’t read a lot. And if you think about it, the subscription doesn’t really provide much value.

As a reader I find it overwhelming to have so much choice and usually I just skim through a few titles before going back to reading the books I actually want to read (i.e., the ones I purchased) As a writer I have to fight with hundreds of thousands of other writers to persuade a reader to pick up my book (I get paid only if the book is read)

For now I’ve put the subscription on hold, as I need to finish reading my purchases. But for someone who’s wondering whether or not to sign up for it, I would suggest that you take a very good look at the catalogue to decide if you see enough interesting books to keep you occupied for the duration of your subscription. New titles keep coming in every day, but their quality is definitely a mixed bag.