Edit: Okay, didn’t make the post on April 2 as well. The post was ready but the content became outdated before I could publish it. You’ll understand when you see the post…next Sunday! Good things take time!

I’m writing this post only to ensure that the blog has at least one post in March!

This has been quite an exciting month indeed and I’m actually glad I didn’t have to daily blog my way through it. Doing that would have resulted in at least 20,000 words worth of blog posts!

Anyway, this is a quick update to let anyone who’s still visiting this blog that I’ll be starting my Sunday posts from April 2.

For real, this time.

It’s already been written. It will go live at 9am on April 2 for sure. It will explain what happened during March and why I had to delay my weekly blogs. It will also have a link to my new mailing list, which, if you sign-up for, will send you special emails that won’t appear on this blog.

Disclaimer: e-mails are not guaranteed to contain any special content.