January 2017

TV Overdose

I’ve probably written about this earlier but it’s not a bad time to revisit this topic. Recently I read somewhere that around 500 shows are scheduled to air on TV in the US this year. And there’s one big problem… Continue Reading →

Trump Sticks To His Promise

Trump’s recent executive order about banning immigrants from seven countries is definitely horrible, but it’s also darkly funny. Politicians are known for breaking their promises and the one instance where a politician actually kept his promise was the one where… Continue Reading →

The Old Internet

This post discusses one of the points that I thought of after reading about Micro.blog. I pride myself on being among the early Indian adopters of Facebook. In fact, I remember being the only student in my college using the… Continue Reading →

Look Over Your Screen

This post discusses one of the points that I thought of after reading about Micro.blog. After thinking of local social networks, I went to the other extreme. Why do we need a network in the first place? Having all of… Continue Reading →

The Missing Indian Network

This post discusses one of the points that I thought of after reading about Micro.blog. Why isn’t there a dominant Indian social network today to go up against the likes of Facebook and Twitter? It’s not unusual for Indian companies… Continue Reading →


A kickstarter project called Micro.blog recently came up in my article feed. It is essentially a twitter-clone, with one major difference: you get complete control over your content. As the project points out, a large portion of conversations online are… Continue Reading →

Winter Is Going

It is perhaps the cold that plays spoilsport with most people’s New Year resolutions. It’s just so hard to wake up early in the morning to do something productive when it’s so cold outside. I haven’t made any resolutions, but… Continue Reading →

Dory Won’t Find An Oscar

Pixar is used to getting nominated for Oscars and nearly always winning every year.This time however, Finding Dory wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. And that’s good! Here’s why. Finding Nemo won an Oscar and it was a worthy choice. The… Continue Reading →

A Crashlands Documentary

Documentaries offer a mixed-bag experience. Some of them convey their core message in a beautifully filmed story, while some try to cover up the lack of a story with a beautifully filmed message. Gaming documentaries used to be far and… Continue Reading →

Switch To Multiplayer

I’ve never been a big fan of online multiplayer gaming. In most cases, it is a format which involves repetitive gameplay with no real reward for someone who plays games for their stories. I’m in the minority of course, seeing… Continue Reading →

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