October 2016

Five Years Of Daily Blogging

Earlier this year, I gleefully announced that this blog turned five. Today it hit another milestone, that of completing five years of daily blogging. If only I had blogged daily since April 2011 I wouldn’t have two separate dates to… Continue Reading →

Suggested Watch – Before The Flood

This is a thought-provoking documentary that might not immediately appeal to a large audience, but it nonetheless deals with an important issue: climate change. Now, I haven’t watched it yet, but only because today’s Diwali and it’s too noisy outside… Continue Reading →

Final Nail In Ogle’s Coffin?

Today I received a refund of around Rs.300 from PayUMoney, on behalf of Ogle India. The amount was paid for a month’s access to Ogle’s streaming services. I do not remember when I paid the amount, although I do remember… Continue Reading →


PayTM raised a fresh round of funding a few weeks/months ago. One area where the company seems to be spending now is the movie ticketing market. Of late, I’ve started receiving multiple advertisements prompting me to book tickets on the… Continue Reading →

Incoming – Even More Expensive Hardware

The new models of the Macbook Pro have just been announced and as expected, they’re pretty expensive. The 13-inch version starts at $1499 and the 15-inch starts at $2399. Without custom duty and other taxes, that converts to approximately Rs.1… Continue Reading →

Incoming – More Expensive Hardware

Expensive, but also beautiful.  Definitely drool worthy. October kicked off with Google showcasing a couple of expensive smartphones that were designed in-house. Today Microsoft unveiled a couple of expensive computers. Tomorrow Apple will show off the latest entrants to the… Continue Reading →

Red Dead Redemption

Imagine if you’re a bookworm and you haven’t read a popular book. Let’s assume, just for example that the book is something like The Da Vinci Code. It’s wildly popular and although you don’t hear its name come up that… Continue Reading →

Do You Need A Premium $martphone?

Are premium smartphones really necessary? Are they truly worth the high prices they command in the market? This is not a case of sour grapes. I’ve used all kinds of smartphones over the years, ranging from an entry level AOSP… Continue Reading →

Civilization VI – Gandhi Rules Again

I’ve never played a Civilization game before, but I’m aware of the inside joke among regular players about how Mahatma Gandhi (who is a playable character in the series) became super-aggressive and started launching nukes on other countries in the… Continue Reading →

Jio: Performance Update

Although I’m not sure if the queues outside Reliance stores have disappeared, I’m pretty sure that most Jio users are quite enthusiastically using their free benefits. I’ve been using Jio for three months now and this update stresses on one… Continue Reading →

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