September 2016

M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story

The two biggest religions in India are said to be cricket and cinema. And yet it is surprising that we have seen very few movies based on the sport. Most of the recent sport biopics have covered other sports and… Continue Reading →

Ubisoft Publishing

I couldn’t find an official website or even a logo, but Ubisoft has revealed the news that it is setting up an in-house publishing arm called Ubisoft Publishing. That’s not something you usually expect from a gaming company. But Ubisoft… Continue Reading →

Onward…To Mars!

My generation missed watching the first Moon landing in 1969, but if Elon Musk carries out his plans, we might catch the first Mars landing in a few years. Musk unveiled SpaceX’s plans to colonize Mars recently, and here’s an… Continue Reading →

The Next Sale Season Is Here

It’s hardly been a few weeks since the Independence Day sales and it’s already time for the biggest sales of the year. The Dussehra/Diwali festival combo is almost upon us, but before either of these two festivals commence, online retailers… Continue Reading →

Quick Ramble – Games With Gold

I just took a look at October’s list of Games With Gold (GwG)and although there weren’t any AAA titles in there, I was pleased to see the collection. It’s now almost a year since I bought my XBox One and… Continue Reading →

It’s Simpsons Time!

The 28th season of The Simpsons kicks off today – or rather, tomorrow as per US time. Next month’s Treehouse of Horror will be the show’s 600th episode. In terms of numbers, that’s tame compared to the thousands of episodes… Continue Reading →

Comic Con Hyd 2016

I’m not attending this year, but if last year’s crowd was any indication of crowds waiting for this event, this year is going to be much bigger, although not necessarily better. The VR experience booth is definitely intriguing, but imagine… Continue Reading →

Airtel Sweetens The Deal

30GB of 4G data for Rs.1495, with a validity of 90 days. That’s definitely one of the better deals offered by Airtel this year. And unlike its last offer, which required a lock-in period of six months or a year… Continue Reading →

Rain, Rain Go Away

Okay I’m no longer smug about escaping waterlogged roads. This better not turn into a Chennai-like situation. Good news is, it most probably won’t be that bad. The not-so-good news is that whatever little flooding has occurred in and around… Continue Reading →

Escaping The Rain

Rains can be pretty fun. On the way to the office however, they can be really annoying. Traveling on a waterlogged road is sometimes riskier than navigating a ship through the ocean! Doing so while trying to reach your office… Continue Reading →

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