August 2016

September 7 – The Big Day Of Press Conferences

On September 7, Sony will hold a press conference to unveil new PS4 consoles. On September 7, Apple will hold a press conference to unveil new iPhones. On September 7, I’ll fall asleep at my usual time and catch both… Continue Reading →

The Witcher 3 Launches A GOTY Edition

After winning “over 800 awards”, the Game of the Year edition for The Witcher 3 comes out today. Priced at Rs.1500 for PC and Rs.2500 for the consoles, this package includes both expansions and the free DLC, amounting to more… Continue Reading →

Airtel Sets A Trap

It was expected that Airtel would lower its tariffs for 3G/4G plans in response to Jio’s upcoming launch, but what Airtel has done is to set a trap to ensure that it does not lose too many of its users… Continue Reading →

The Rush For Jio

I’m so glad I got my Jio SIM last month without having to stand in a queue! Now, long queues are being seen all over the country outside Reliance Digital stores. People are lining up to get a free SIM… Continue Reading →

Game Soundtracks

No Man’s Sky continues to receive polarizing reviews from all over the world, but one thing that has been universally praised is its soundtrack. In the months leading up to its release, tracks such as Supermoon left gamers mesmerised and… Continue Reading →

Happy Furniture Indeed

A few years ago when someone asked me if it was safe to shop online, I remember telling them, “Yes, but for large stuff like furniture, it’s safer to stick to offline stores.” Times have changed. Now it’s easier to… Continue Reading →

WhatsApp-Facebook Privacy Concerns, Round Two

The first round of privacy concerns were raised when Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. Thousands of users immediately deleted their WhatsApp accounts, fearing that Facebook would misuse their account information. It’s been a while since all that happened and… Continue Reading →

PS Now Lands On The PC

Playstation Now – the service that allows users to stream+play PS3 games is now heading to the PC, after initially being available on the PS4 and Vita. This is great news for PC gamers who, for various reasons, stayed away… Continue Reading →

Maggi Hot Heads

I’m not a foodie, but writing a quick review of Maggi’s Hot Heads range of noodles felt like a silly idea and this blog is full of silly ideas! Ever since Maggi noodles got banned and returned to the market,… Continue Reading →

Are You Hungry For More Harry Potter DLC?

DLC or DownLoadable Content is now an undeniable presence in the video game market. It’s very rare to witness a major publisher not including any DLC with the release of a new game. DLC usually refers to additions to a… Continue Reading →

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