July 2016

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Okay so here’s what I’ll do: instead of writing multiple posts, I’ll stick to this one post but will keep editing it to reflect a full “review” of the book. Here’s today’s version: This is a fast-paced read, given that… Continue Reading →

The XBox Summer Update Is Here

Windows 10 turns one in three days and it is the XBox One which is getting the “anniversary update” first. It’s a pretty detailed update that has something for everyone: Cortana debuts on the console, background music is now supported… Continue Reading →

Fear The CAT!

After seeing the notification for the CAT 2016 today, I took a minute to rewind and replay all the incidents that have happened since the day I gave the test five years ago. If writing the EAMCET was merely a… Continue Reading →

The Image Issue

The use of images and videos is crucial for any webmaster who wishes to draw in more visitors. Thanks to social media sites, people have become habituated to consuming multimedia content. Plain text just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

CeX Hyderabad

Complete Entertainment eXchange – have you ever heard of this franchise? It is a UK-based company with 21 stores in India.My interest in it is primarily because it buys/trades video games.I visited the sole branch in Hyderabad recently and was… Continue Reading →

Amazon Prime Is Here

Kindle Unlimited is available in the US and other countries as part of an Amazon Prime subscription, although with a different name (Kindle Owner’s Lending Library) Today, Amazon Prime launched in India, with just free shipping and early-access to deals… Continue Reading →

Coursera “Launches” In India

Although it doesn’t use the word “launch”, a very strange ad has appeared in the papers this week, announcing that Coursera is now available in India. That’s odd, because the service has been available here for several years. This is… Continue Reading →

All The Trailers From SD Comic Con 2016

Movie trailers at a comic con? That only makes sense because most of these movies are based on comic book characters. All that matters are these trailers prove once again that the superhero genre isn’t going to die out anytime… Continue Reading →

Conan V Andy

The San Diego Comic Con usually features a whole lot of news that aren’t always about comics. Featured today is a hilarious parody of Batman v Superman by comedians Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter.


“I’m going to write a detailed review for this movie” was what I told a friend as soon as I walked out of the theater on Friday. Then I watched the movie again on Sunday (obviously, this post is late!)… Continue Reading →

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