May 2016

End Of The Summer

Well the summer isn’t really over, but the end of May usually suggests that the season is coming to an end. This has been a pretty lazy month for me and quite an enjoyable one too. Now that children everywhere… Continue Reading →

The Story Behind ME:Catalyst

Polygon recently published a well-written story about the development of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, which is definitely worth a read. For a major publisher like EA, taking a bet on a sequel/reboot for a game that didn’t perform too well financially… Continue Reading →

Comixology Unlimited

For a long time, I’ve tried to see if I could start reading comic books regularly again. But comic-based movies and anime have made it hard to embrace the medium. I still have only a passing interest in reading comic… Continue Reading →

Another Delay For No Man’s Sky

The wait for No Man’s Sky just got longer. The game has already been delayed a number of times and the latest delay has pushed the release date to August of this year. At this rate, it won’t be a… Continue Reading →

The Angry Birds Movie

I’ve no business watching a movie targeted at kids and then complaining that it wasn’t that good. Maybe it’s Pixar‘s fault for spoiling us and making us believe that it’s really hard for an animated movie to be bad. But… Continue Reading →

Origin Access Just Got A Lot Better

EA’s subscription service for the PC – Origin Access – just added eight games to its catalogue. That’s good news, but what makes it better is the inclusion of the Mass Effect Trilogy. This is a trilogy that I’ve been… Continue Reading →

New Consoles, Already?

Three years ago, the annual gaming conference E3 was the most eagerly anticipated events of the year (for gamers) because we finally had a good look at the latest gaming consoles from powerhouses Sony and Microsoft. In November of 2013,… Continue Reading →

The City of Glass Awaits

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was supposed to release today but has been delayed to June 9. (June 7 in the US) So it’s going to be a few more days before gamers can run in the city of glass. I can’t… Continue Reading →

The Simple Joys of Building A PC

That title makes me sound like a 60-year old reminiscing about “the good old days”. I’ll try not to make this post sound like that. In the good old days, owning a personal computer (PC) was a big deal in… Continue Reading →

World Tour? Try India First

We live in a funny world. A lot of Indians are attracted to American lifestyle. A lot of Americans are attracted to Yoga and the Taj Mahal. A lot of Indians dream of going on a world tour. A lot… Continue Reading →

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