April 2016

It’s Redesign Time Again!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve attempted to “redesign” the blog – both in terms of content and the actual design of the site – but time is ripe for another try. The goal is the same… Continue Reading →

Kindle Oasis Off To A Rough Start

Amazon doesn’t display the sales rank for its Kindle devices, so it’s hard to predict how well the Kindle Oasis is doing in terms of sales. Judging by the early reviews however, it seems that a lot of people are… Continue Reading →

Give And Take – Medium

Read the first two posts of the Give And Take Thread here and here. The third community that I have my sights on is one of the newest kids on the block – Medium. One of the reasons I was… Continue Reading →

Give And Take – Wattpad

Read the first post of the Give And Take thread here. The second community that I wish to actively be a part of is Wattpad. It’s a community of writers, who share their work with each other, helping fellow writers… Continue Reading →

Give And Take – WordPress

For the past five years, I’ve lost the habit of participating in online discussions. I used to write hundreds of posts in online forums before I started this blog. Now I can’t remember the last time I even logged into… Continue Reading →

One Is Not Enough

Remember when I said I need to start producing more content? I think the first step towards doing that is to stop limiting myself to one blog. And to one post per blog. The biggest challenge for me so far… Continue Reading →

More Content Required

Before I can truly call myself a “writer”, I need to start producing more content. This is a thought I’ve had since Dead came out, because if all I have to show after six years is a slim novella and… Continue Reading →

Good Job, Pothi

Yesterday I finally held my book in my hands. No matter how convenient eBooks might be, it’s definitely a rewarding experience for a writer to actually hold his own book! The journey to this point hasn’t exactly been ideal, but… Continue Reading →

Look – A Real Book!

Something nice came in the mail today. Holding it made me forget everything else for a minute and I just stared at it with pure joy!

First Name Or Last?

I often wonder if using my surname as my blog’s domain is a good idea. I’m quite fond of Rayaprolu (even though it’s a tongue twister for anyone outside the Telugu states like most Telugu surnames) but at the end… Continue Reading →

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