March 2016

No Civil War In April

A few Asian countries will get an Arpil 29 release of Captain America : Civil War, but sadly, India won’t be one of them. According to IMDB, the official release date here is May 6, at least for now. There’s… Continue Reading →


To me, the most important reason for writing Dead is to have a book that I would like to read. That means cutting out a lot of stuff that is found in other books which slow down the plot significantly… Continue Reading →

Entering The World of KDP

With just ten days left for my ebook’s launch, I figured this would be a good time to set up my KDP account at Amazon. I ought to have done this earlier, but luckily there isn’t any waiting period for… Continue Reading →

The Rift Is Out In The Wild

The Oculus Rift VR headset will start shipping out to pre-order customers today, signalling the true start of the VR gaming era. Sure, VR has applications in plenty of other fields, but it was primarily designed for gaming. The HTC… Continue Reading →

Week 12: Review

I played a lot of games this week. I don’t know if I would have used that time productively if I had put it into working on the manuscript, but I do know that gaming helped a lot in cooling… Continue Reading →

Cutscenes Worth 75 GB

Ten days remain for the release of Quantum Break. So it’s no surprise that news keeps pouring in everyday about the game. It’s the news that is often surprising. Today for instance, I read a notice that said that the… Continue Reading →

Two Weeks To Launch

I really wish I could just upload the book to Amazon tonight and launch it tomorrow, but I can’t. This slow month still has six days to go and for some odd reason I want to keep proofreading the manuscript… Continue Reading →

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After gorging on Marvel movies for more than eight years, it’s really hard to sit through a dull and overly-dramatic superhero movie like Batman v Superman. To begin with, most of us already know that the title of the movie… Continue Reading →


I’m not particularly excited about watching Batman v Superman, but it is arguably one of the must-watch movies this year. Usually big-ticket Hollywood productions like this one get reviewed by critics a few days before release. And usually, I read… Continue Reading →

The Summer Gaming Backlog

The XBox Spring Sale kicked off today and within minutes I made the last few purchases that would complete my list. The list was a selection of XBox-exclusive games that I was genuinely interested to play. Unlike the old days… Continue Reading →

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