February 2016

The 30th Post

Every February, I tend to write an extra post without realizing it and that month’s tally goes up to thirty (or sometimes more). This year, I haven’t written any extra post during the course of the month. Since I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Visiting The Office – Part 2

The next time I visit the office, I want to proudly declare, “The book is ready for launch!” I visited the office today and I sneakily said, “The book will launch in April!” I also remember saying that the writing… Continue Reading →

Week 8: Review

So…the end of February is almost here, with just one day left to meet my deadline and I’m going to…miss it. However, I’m not at all disappointed, because this “deadline” helped speed up things a lot. I’m hoping I won’t… Continue Reading →

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

Seven words in a movie title – now that’s not something you see everyday. I wasn’t even ten when the first movie came out and all that I remembered of the story when I watched it in the theater was… Continue Reading →

Good Luck, Old Friend

One of my closest friends and one of the earliest readers of this blog celebrated her wedding day today. I’d like to thank her for giving me a readymade topic to write today! Seriously though, I’d like to thank her… Continue Reading →

Summer Is Coming

One of the disadvantages of not being in an air-conditioned office is that you tend to notice the varying temperature throughout the day. Of late it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the rising temperature every day. We’re still in… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Micro-Blog

I’m not sure how many of you actually knew that I used to have a micro-blog, but I’ve taken it down today. I’ve removed it for the same reason that I’m not active on twitter – I simply haven’t found… Continue Reading →

Tired of Being Tired

Today was a heavy work day. And I’m too tired of thinking up something to write. So I’ll just write about how tiring it is to get tired. Here’s a tidbit from my novel: in the world I’m writing about,… Continue Reading →

Turn Off The Alarm

Four months ago, I started using custom tones for my alarm, with the hope that they would help me wake up on a more pleasant note, instead of on an irritating note. Yesterday, I realized two months too late that… Continue Reading →

Week 7: Review

Hmm, let’s see…I have just one more week left to meet my self-imposed deadline. As it stands today I’m not 100% sure of meeting it, but I should be pretty close. This week was definitely quite productive, although I wish… Continue Reading →

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