December 2015

Goodbye, Facebook

Today I left Facebook. Not the website, but the company. I usually prefer not to reveal too many details about myself on the blog, but the past thirteen months have been so memorable that I wish to proudly declare that… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, WhatsApp

After much thought, I’ve decided to delete my WhatsApp account. I first used the app on a BlackBerry phone in 2010, if I remember things correctly. I thought it was annoying back then and deleted my account within a few… Continue Reading →

The Exit Interview

One of the last formalities of leaving the job was to have an exit interview. I’ve read about exit interviews at B-School but this was the first time to see it in action. Just like everything else at the company,… Continue Reading →

The Goodbye Note

Yesterday I published a note on Facebook, officially telling all those who I couldn’t meet in person that December 31 would be my last day at the job. Although I haven’t spoken to a lot of people at the office,… Continue Reading →

The Party Inivitations Are Here Again

December 31 is nearly here, which means that all around the city, people are busy discussing where they’re going to “party” on New Year’s Eve. In other words, they’re discussing where they’re going to throw away a lot of money… Continue Reading →

Near-Android Is *Not* Stock-Android!

It’s sad that I had to learn this the hard way. I needed to buy a new smartphone, because the one supplied by the office had to be returned. I almost purchased the Nexus 5X but at the last minute,… Continue Reading →

The Backup Plan

With just a few days remaining before it’s time to say goodbye to a steady job, the scariest question in my mind right now is, “What will I do if things don’t do according to plan?” It’s scarier when I… Continue Reading →

The Office vs The Job

“Will you miss the office?” I’ve been asked this question a lot of times in the past few days. The answer to it has always been, “Yes, I’ll miss the office. But I might not miss the job“. Remember all… Continue Reading →

Dealing With The Separation From Foosball

Being separated from the foosball table is going to be really challenging. I’m probably one of the few people at the office who take the game very seriously so the separation is going to be extra painful. Luckily, I can… Continue Reading →

Secondary Project?

Now that my “book” will become my primary, full-time project, I wonder if I should start looking for a secondary project as well. I know very well that I won’t be able to put in more than 8 hours per… Continue Reading →

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