November 2015

Are Pre-Orders Worth It?

Pre-Ordering games has been said to be useless. And risky. You never know if a game that you paid in advance for will be playable at launch or if bugs make the experience highly unbearable. Sometimes, pre-orders could be worth… Continue Reading →

Disc vs Digital

A month ago, I dreamed about building my own game collection for the XBox One. That dream somehow included a lot of game discs, each with its own impressive box. These retail discs do look pretty and part of every… Continue Reading →

Now That’s The Nexus I Remember!

Thanks to the amazing world of e-commerce, the Nexus 5X is now selling for less than Rs.25,000. That’s less than the price it is currently being sold for in the US (at current exchange prices) This is the Nexus phone… Continue Reading →

Dual-Sim Please

A few weeks back I rambled about how dual-sim phones might not be as appealing as before, since people don’t really need to have two phone numbers. I was wrong. I do require two phone numbers these days. One for… Continue Reading →

One Plus Two Invites

I’m not sure if there has been lesser demand for the One Plus Two or if One Plus has ramped up its production, but I’ve recently received two invites to buy the Two. I do remember signing up on the… Continue Reading →

Google+ Beats Facebook In Hyderabad?

This was a surprising result of a survey by TCS, which said that Google+ is gaining more users than Facebook in the city. Considering that Google has totally deconstructed Google+ recently, this result might be different in another year. But… Continue Reading →

One Year Of Foosball

It has now been a year since I first started playing foosball. From innocently rolling the rods to expertly executing a trick shot, it sure has been a fun journey so far. The game has certainly taken a toll on… Continue Reading →

It’s A Watch. So?

As someone who spent a few hours in B-School studying the basics of advertising, I enjoy looking at ads to understand how they try to convince their audience to buy the product/service being advertised. You’ve got to admit that advertisers… Continue Reading →

Fixed Backwards Compatibility

Today I decided to spend 15 more minutes trying to set-up backwards compatibility on my Xbox One. I had almost given up on this feature a few days back, but given that there will be a dry season early next… Continue Reading →

Cheekati Rajyam

Kamal Haasan always tries to push his movies away from proven “formulas” and towards a new direction. In many cases, those directions might not lead to commercially viable paths but all of them show a brave effort to try something… Continue Reading →

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