September 2015

Don’t Turn Off The Alarm

Millions of people have likely got this idea before me, but it still doesn’t make it any less useful. I customized my alarm tone to be less annoying. Most people never change the default ringtones on their phones. This includes… Continue Reading →

Google’s Press Event – Short and Sweet

Now that was nice of Google. They wrapped up their press event in less than 90 minutes. There weren’t any fancy stage settings, no gimmicky slideshows, no videos explaining the same stuff that was already announced on stage a few… Continue Reading →

The Incomplete Journal

I always knew that maintaining a journal to document the progress of my B.Tech project was overkill, but I started writing one anyway. Needless to say, the lack of seriousness and total absence of any real work during the project… Continue Reading →

Are Live Sports Overrated?

Bookmyshow wants tennis fans to “register” for an opportunity to buy tickets a day earlier for this year’s ITPL. Those who don’t register can still buy tickets, if they’re still available, a day later. Out of curiosity, I looked through… Continue Reading →

Modi @ FB

What sort of questions will the Prime Minister of India be asked in a room full of Facebook enthusiasts? What will he have to say to the founder of the world’s largest social networking platform? That’s interesting enough for me… Continue Reading →

Notion Ink Has A New Product

A few years ago, there was a lot of press coverage around this small Hyderabad-based start-up which wanted to build a revolutionary tablet. The company was Notion Ink and the product was Adam. While Adam didn’t dethrone the iPad like… Continue Reading →

Read The Book, Watch The Movie

After a long time, I made an impulsive book purchase. It’s called The Martian and the only reason I bought it was because a big-budget Hollywood movie is coming out next week based off of this book.   The book… Continue Reading →

Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is now out and going by the initial reactions it definitely looks like nothing much has changed for the average user (which also includes me). Power users might love some of the new collaborative features, which again… Continue Reading →

Elevator Chats

The phrase “elevator pitch” is used a lot in the business world. I’ve never seen/heard one in real life though. What I hear a lot everyday though, are elevator chats – random conversations that are just may not really be… Continue Reading →

4G Is The New 3G

That’s so obvious that it’s stupid. The 4G story in India began a while ago but it definitely picked up pace only when Reliance announced their ambitious plans to introduce their 4G services by the end of the year. This… Continue Reading →

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