August 2015

Ogle Is Finally Back (For Real?)

After waiting for several months, I finally got back onto Ogle – the streaming service that wants to be the “Netflix of India“. The first thing that I immediately noticed that the catalogue of TV shows available had expanded but… Continue Reading →

Cross Cultural Lunch

We had some foreign visitors to the office recently and they sat down with the team for lunch. Interestingly, I got a seat somewhere between the visitors and the rest of the team. So I could watch what was going… Continue Reading →

The Big Yearly Apple Event Is Nearly Upon Us

September 9. Apple will unveil iOS 9 along with two new iPhones and probably a few more gadgets. Despite knowing what to expect, millions will still tune in to the press event that will likely span for more than an… Continue Reading →

Hyderabad Comic Con Draws Closer (Again)

After a sudden postponement a few months back, the Hyderabad Comic Con is once again drawing closer and this time it will certainly take place on the promised dates of September 12 and 13. The schedule admittedly looks a bit… Continue Reading →

The Onslaught Of US TV Continues For A New Season

September is nearly here. That marks the onset of the fall TV season in the US. If you take the time to look through the full schedule, you’ll notice that there are at least a dozen shows in there with… Continue Reading →

Kick 2

This movie was on my to-watch list in the summer. It’s release got delayed due to fear of competition from Baahubali and other reasons as well. While the movie begins as a sequel to Kick it soon becomes clear that… Continue Reading →

First Taste Of The Oculus Rift

One of the memorable things that happened during the past 18 days was my first experience of wearing the Oculus Rift VR headset. It was a 2-minute session and was hardly the immersive experience promised by the latest demos, but… Continue Reading →

Farewell, Gaming Machine

One of the reasons I haven’t felt the urgency to game is that my gaming machine is on its last breath. The last time I tried playing a game for more than an hour, it simply overheated and shut itself… Continue Reading →

The Busy Gamer

It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper gaming marathon. Worse, I don’t feel the urgency to play a newly released game immediately and am content to wait for “free time” to play a game. This could either mean… Continue Reading →

About Working At (Most) Indian Offices…

Continuing my quick ramble from yesterday, after reading the article about working at Amazon, I quickly wondered about the lakhs of Indians employed at “IT sweatshops”. The big three – Infosys, TCS and Wipro – are infamous for being randomly… Continue Reading →

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