March 2015

(At least) Four AC Games Are Coming Out This Year

If critics felt that two Assassin’s Creed releases in the same year (2012 and 2014) was a sign that Ubisoft was milking the AC franchise, then I’d like to see their reactions to the news that apart from the main… Continue Reading →

Trailers Without Spoiler Warnings

This is something that a lot of people have observed over the past few years – movie trailers are increasingly spoiling the movie experience by revealing a bit too much before the movies actually get released. This also applies to… Continue Reading →

Fast. Eat Fast.

People observe a fast for many reasons. Most people however, observe one purely out of religious beliefs. Let me not go into that right now, ‘coz this ramble isn’t about religious beliefs. It’s about how fasts don’t really fit into… Continue Reading →

Amish Plays It Safe

After writing a trilogy of books which have sold more than two million copies, and after receiving a (heavily publicised) publisher advance of INR 5 crore for this next series of books, one can’t really blame Amish for playing it… Continue Reading →

Engineering In ___, Job In Hand

Trust the advertisers to simplify any matter by condensing its meaning into a single, catchy sentence. If you ever doubt how bad things are for engineering students in the country, this slogan for some “reputed” college in the city sums… Continue Reading →

Which Company Will Have Your Data?

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox and Amazon are some of the leading names in the cloud storage market, with the first three companies also offering a host of other services for their customers, whose numbers run into millions. There has been… Continue Reading →

World Order Is Back With A New Video

The world is still in utter disorder, but at least the Japanese group World Order has brought out a new video!   Now entering their sixth year, the group’s latest video experiments with a six-member formation. Although it seems odd… Continue Reading →


Oh this has been a long pending post. I might even come back to edit this later on to make it better, because it is funnily important. For the past few months, I’ve become addicted to indoor football, also called… Continue Reading →

I Miss The Classroom. Just Kidding.

It has been a little over 11 months since my batchmates bid goodbye to our B-School and went their own way. A few days ago, an alumni meet was held at the college (I could not attend) and naturally there… Continue Reading →

The April 12 TV Show Most People Aren’t Waiting For

April 12 marks the return of Game of Thrones. If you spend enough time with people watching TV shows, you’ll know that they can’t talk enough about the show, even if most of them have never read the books that… Continue Reading →

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