February 2015

The Concert Ramble

Behind every pop culture event is a marketer’s brain at work. History has shown us that a few influential people can trick the masses into thinking that certain kinds of things are fun, even if they are not necessarily…fun. Consider… Continue Reading →

Mobile World Congress 2015

As if we didn’t have enough news about smartphones already, the Mobile World Congress is staring soon, bringing with it boatloads of announcements about phones, tablets and everything in between. If you’re thinking of buying a new phone, you should… Continue Reading →

The Clifton Chronicles, Book Five

It’s called Mightier than the Sword, and it is available in stores now. Unlike the earlier three sequels however, I didn’t pre-order my copy, nor was I even aware of the release date. There’s definitely considerable interest in reading the… Continue Reading →

World Order

Synchronized dancing is quite familar to Indians. We see it all the time in our movies. However, those dance moves are hardly impressive. I stumbled across a Japanese techno band who has some really neat moves. The (translated) lyrics show… Continue Reading →

More Hardware, Please

Creating a revolutionary piece of hardware that everyone wants to use isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time, effort and money, all of which seem to be in short supply in the country. I’m not going to write an… Continue Reading →

Time To Shutdown Digiflip Pro?

It’s nearly a year since Flipkart first unveiled its Digiflip Pro tablet, named the XT712. Later on there were three more additions to the range of tablets under the Pro brand. Today I noticed that the original XT712 has a… Continue Reading →

Where Are The Kindle Fires?

I suddenly realized that the Kindle Fire range of tablets aren’t officially available in India. Even the older models seem to have been removed from the market. Only the vanilla Kindle readers are currently available (and even here, the latest… Continue Reading →

The Day A Bird Took Away The Oscar

The actual reason for Birdman winning the Oscar for Best Picturemight be something entirely different, but I’m guessing it was the gimmicky cinematography that paid off. If true, that’s not a bad thing at all. After more than a century… Continue Reading →

Why A Gaming Laptop Isn’t The Best Idea

Laptops were never meant to be primary computers. Yet, over the years they’ve been advertised as replacements for the desktop and kept getting more powerful and expensive. While it does make sense to have a portable computer that you can… Continue Reading →

How Many Languages Will Survive On The Internet?

Today is International Mother Language Day. Not only is it not a holiday, but it is not a well-known day either. Still, it is an important day, to take a moment and think about how much you respect your mothertongue…. Continue Reading →

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