December 2014

Goodbye, 2014. It Was Nice Knowing You

What do you write about on your blog on the last day of the year? There’s so much to look back on, and also so much to look forward to! Since I’ll need to tackle the future starting tomorrow, I… Continue Reading →

Where’s The Party Tomorrow?

I’m not a party animal (which isn’t very surprising). My definition of a party doesn’t include being part of a screaming crowd, chugging down drinks and then watching who comes out with the most hilarious drunk act of the evening…. Continue Reading →

The New Year of Transport?

For some reason I can’t seem to stop thinking about the transport market. This has been such an interesting year for this sector, and although the isolated rape incidents involving taxi drivers are disturbing, it would be unfortunate to write… Continue Reading →

You Better Be Good, 2015!

Edit: Okay, for some strange reason, the picture I used for this post ended up appearing on the first page of results in Google Images for the term “2015”, which is bringing in quite a flow of new visitors. If… Continue Reading →

ACU – Book Before The Game

While the latest patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity seems to have made the game playable for most people, I still have to wait a while before my computer can try playing it at a decent frame rate. In the meantime,… Continue Reading →

Games of 2015 – Grand Theft Auto V (PC)

This was a 2013 game, which got a re-release for newer consoles in 2014, and is coming to PCs only in 2015. Only a franchise like GTA could dare spreading its releases over three separate years! The consolation for PC… Continue Reading →

The Battle Of The Five Armies….Yawn?

I’m genuinely surprised that I still haven’t found the motivation to go and watch The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies yet, even though it’s been two weeks since the movie came out. When I first saw the trailer,… Continue Reading →

Hullabaloo For ‘The Interview’

When websites that are supposed to be talking about technology start dedicating their home pages to talk about a movie, you’d naturally start getting curious about said movie. The reason these tech websites were talking so much about this movie… Continue Reading →

Games of 2015 – Batman Arkham Knight

Superhero-based games weren’t exactly on people’s wishlists earlier, but rocksteady came along and changed that with their Arkham series of Batman-based games. There’s millions of people looking forward to playing Batman Arkham Knight, and I’m one of them. Here’s hoping… Continue Reading →

I Finally Understand Garfield’s Plight!

No blog post today, because I finally understand why Garfield hates Mondays so much!

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