November 2014

A Beautiful (And Hopeful) Short Film About The Future

Since this is still Intersteller season, it makes sense to share this short film, which is essentially about the future of the human species. Compiled by Erik Wernquist and featuring a narration by the late Carl Sagan, the film has… Continue Reading →

Not Enough Lollipops For Everyone?

Android v5.0, Lollipop has been around for a couple of weeks now, and the people who own the few handsets that got an immediate update have been gushing about it excitedly. As with every major Android release, a lot of… Continue Reading →


I’m referring to the One handset being sold by the One Plus company, which most people refer to in a hurry as One Plus One (OPO) smartphone. After the onslaught of Xiaomi phones (and now phablets), it seems to be… Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2014?

Ah yes, NaNoWriMo. It was really fun last year, but this year I couldn’t write even a single word, leave alone 50,000! With just three days left to go there’s no point in trying to start now, but as always,… Continue Reading →

The Dinosaurs Are Coming (Back)

  So apparently, three Jurassic Park movies weren’t enough, and so we have a new sequel coming up in seven months. While a bit curious, I wonder if this movie will contribute anything evolutionary to the series apart from the… Continue Reading →

Gaming In Dhaka

So today’s one of those days where I’m in no position to write anything, even a meaningless ramble. So I’ll go ahead and share something interesting. This time, it is a photo-essay on gaming in Dhaka, covered by Matt Leone… Continue Reading →

Steam’s Autumn Sale Is Nearing

October and November were terrible months for gamers. They had to choose from several games to buy and play, meaning both, their wallets and their free time, were drained! As if that was not enough, the Steam Autumn Sale is… Continue Reading →

Is This Really The Best Movie Of The Year?

While everyone was busy talking about Interstellar, I was already looking for another movie to watch. I ended up watching Interstellar once again. Then I really started looking for a different movie to watch. I can take only about 6-hours… Continue Reading →

Far Cry 4 – Far From Disappointing

I really expected Far Cry 4 to disappoint me, because it seemed to be a clone of its predecessor. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the game highly enjoyable! And I’m not alone; Far Cry 4 seems to be… Continue Reading →

Happy Ending. Spoiler – This Movie Has A Happy Ending!

Raj (Nidimoru) & (Krishna) D.K. make well thought-out movies, and they’ve made only six of them in twelve years, with Happy Ending being their latest. While most of their movies give off a fresh feeling, Happy Ending breaks the charm… Continue Reading →

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