October 2014

Will The Next Big Race Be For Deliveries?

Right now the three major players on the Indian e-commerce scene are Flipkart, Amazon.in and Snapdeal. And these players have had a nasty race this month in offering discounts to their (existing and potential) customers. Their efforts will have paid… Continue Reading →

Assassin’s Creed Unity Promises To Be Another…

…graphical treat, but only for the few thousand gamers who have a high-end gaming PC. For most of the millions of others who’ll play the game however, the visual quality will be ever so slightly less. As this new video… Continue Reading →

Humble Bundle Brings Its 100th Game To Linux

Humble Indie Bundle 13 is now live, and it has announced that this bundle includes the 100th game that it has ported to Linux. While most AAA game titles are still not availble on Linux, it is definitely a good… Continue Reading →

Interstellar – Prasads IMAX!

  That piece of news has had thousands of IMAX fans across Hyderabad brighten up with joy. It’s been months since Prasads, Hyderabad has had a proper IMAX screening (the last true IMAX release was Pacific Rim in early 2013)…. Continue Reading →

Amazon Launches Kindle Scout

Remember Bloody Good Book? It’s an Indian (web-based) publisher which uses crowdsourcing to “pick” a book for publishing. That company was started off of an existing idea, initiated by the likes of Wattpad. Now call it a co-incidence, but Amazon… Continue Reading →

Karthikeya – Once In A Blue Moon…

…comes a movie which tries to stand apart from the clutter. In case of Telugu movies, the blue moon in question is quite rare. Incidentally, Karthikeya revolves indirectly around the moon as well. It is a movie about an ancient… Continue Reading →

Unpatriotic New Year

So I watched this week’s big-release, Happy New Year today. Shahrukh Khan plays a criminal mastermind who teams up with Boman Irani, a young “hacker” and a guy with ripped muscles to pull off a seemingly impossible heist. The movie… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 14.10…Let’s Just Wait For 15.04

Ubuntu turns 10 this month, and yet there is nothing special to talk about the latest release – Utopic Unicorn – which came out yesterday. No, seriously, there isn’t anything at all to talk about this release, apart from the… Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another Trailer…

…and today it was that of PK; Rajkumar Hirani’s first film in 5 years (after 3 Idiots 2009). While most eyes will be on Aamir Khan, I’m sure there are an equally large number of eyes (including mine) on this… Continue Reading →

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer Leaked…Er, Released!

After it was leaked onto the internet days before it was supposed to be revealed, Marvel went ahead and released the official trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron.     What’s immediately apparent is the lack of a single joke/wisecrack… Continue Reading →

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