August 2014

Bangalore Comic Con’s Schedule Is Up

The organizers of the Bangalore Comic Con have released the schedule of the three day event, starting on September 12. This is second time in three years that the Comic Con is visiting Bangalore, and looks like it’s here to… Continue Reading →

Hello, Tintin and A&O

Before I had ever heard of the phrase “graphic novel”, I had heard of Tintin and Asterix & Obelix. Today their stories might or might not be considered as graphic novels, but they were the first comic books which I… Continue Reading →

AC:Unity Gets Delayed…

…and at the same time that this news broke out, ACIV stopped working on my computer! I was playing the game fine until yesterday, and when I tried to run it this morning, it simply crashed. A search revealed that… Continue Reading →

XBox One Overtakes PS4 In India…

…in terms of the price of games! And no, the console itself has no chance of defeating the PS4 in terms of sales, especially not now that the games are going to be costlier. The XBox One releases on September… Continue Reading →

Five More Tablets From Flipkart…

…and they still have only weird model numbers instead of proper names. If Flipkart’s intention was to offer as many choices as possible at all price points, it could have at least given easily distinguishable names. Now we have six… Continue Reading →

Smart, or Creepy Ads?

It’s a well-known fact that advertising has changed drastically on the internet. Targeted advertising is the keyword right now, with advertising networks (led by good ol’ Google of course) doing everything in their (legal) power to scoop up information about… Continue Reading →

The 2k Smartphone Is Here

The Intex CloudFX is now available for purchase, exclusively from Snapdeal.com, at a price of Rs.1,999. The earlier post about this phone hoped that it would be priced at Rs.1, 500 but now it’s been bumped up to Rs.2,000. That’s… Continue Reading →

A Productive Sunday!

Well I don’t remember when I last had one of these, but I had a productive Sunday today, i.e., one where I actually did something useful, i.e., something other than sitting in front of the laptop all day long. It… Continue Reading →

EA is Being Nice to Gamers

E. A. Sports. To the Game! A lot of gamers have heard this phrase at least once in their gaming lives. (There’s also EA Games. Challenge Everything, but that’s less popular) Electronic Arts owns the highly popular FIFA franchise, and… Continue Reading →

Windows 9 is Around the Corner

Several news websites are eagerly announcing the arrival of Windows 9, via an event to be held by Microsoft on September 30 (unconfirmed). What’s amusing is that some of these websites have branded Windows 8 to be a failure, and… Continue Reading →

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