July 2014

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter

It’s easy to forget that the Harry Potter books are targeted at children. They have been read by millions of adults across the world. There are market research specialists still trying to figure out the magic formula to the series’… Continue Reading →

Flipkart – $1 Billion, Amazon.in – $2 Billion

Flipkart has raised a billion dollars in funding to continue its expansion into numerous categories, while Amazon has made the competition more interesting by almost immediately announcing that it would invest $2billion into Amazon.in. This competition is certainly heating up…. Continue Reading →

GotGalaxy Pushed to August 8 in India

For reasons unknown, Guardians of the Galaxy has been moved to a August 8 release date in India. The movie is still releasing on August 1 in other territories. This is a rare delay for a Marvel movie in India;… Continue Reading →

Humble Bundle Continues Its Stunning Run

After the Humble 2k Bundle, Humble Bundle has returned with a new AAA bundle, this time teaming up with Square Enix to offer $202 worth of games for a mere $15. That’s only counting the top-tier of games on offer…. Continue Reading →

Random Blog Holiday

Today I’ll take another of my random blog holidays, for no particular reason. Or, let’s say, because July is coming to an end.

Kick – 145 Minutes of….Ah, Forget It!

Oh my, watching three movies in three days can get really tiring. And when the third movie stars Salman Khan, you generally expect to have an exciting time, even if the story makes no sense. The ‘makes no sense’ part… Continue Reading →

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 120 Confusing Minutes

Two big-name movies in two days? That’s hectic. And If I’m not wrong, it’s going to be a hatrick tomorrow with another movie, but that’s tomorrow’s story. Today I got my wish, that of watching a Hollywood movie in 2D!… Continue Reading →

Transformers Age of Extinction – 160 Minutes Down the Drain

Sometimes you just can’t explain why you do the things you do, despite knowing that those “things” are going to turn out to be bad ideas. Despite knowing that Transformers – Age of Extinction is a big-ticket yawn fest, I… Continue Reading →

Facebook Wants Me To Have More Friends

I have __  facebook friends.  And like everyone else, over my eighteen years of education I have potentially come across hundreds of classmates, and thousands of potential contacts. Yet, I am content with having only __ friends on facebook. And… Continue Reading →

552 Episodes, 1 Movie, One Crazy Marathon

In a land where TV shows run for several thousand episodes, talking about a show that has only 552 episodes (so far) might seem silly. But this is one special show that we’re talking about: The Simpsons. In our land,… Continue Reading →

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