June 2014


That title sums up the kind of motivation I required to stop myself from visiting the Steam summer sale. And luckily, I survived! I had enough will power not to spend anything on the sale, and now it’s over –… Continue Reading →

Half the Year’s Gone!

Well no, technically half-the year’s gone after 182.5 days, or the afternoon of July 1, but that’s a weekday. Today being a Sunday, and almost the end of June, it’s a better scenario to sit back lazily and say, half… Continue Reading →

One Year of Amazon.in

While I’m not sure of the exact date, I did see a newspaper report celebrating the fact that it’s been a year since Amazon stepped into India with Amazon.in. And their “limited time” offer of free delivery without a minimum… Continue Reading →

The Bone Season – “Review”

As with all my other “reviews”, this is merely a quick review. I do dream of the day when I write actual reviews! So, The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. As mentioned in my earlier post about the book, I… Continue Reading →

Kindle Vs XT712?

While complaining in itself is an easy job, Flipkart has simply made it even easier by naming its tablet – Digiflip Pro XT712. Really? That’s the best name the country’s largest “online megastore” can come up with? (It doesn’t help… Continue Reading →

Is Your Dragon Trained Yet?

The first movie was excellent, but the title always seemed strange. But since most movie franchises are named based on the title of the first movie in the series (exceptions include the James Bond series and Marvel Cinematic Universe), we… Continue Reading →

Down The Road We Go

*Sigh* The road we choose to follow really does have an impact on the destination, doesn’t it? (and that’s a clue that this is going to be a really odd post) The Road Not Taken is perhaps one of the… Continue Reading →

The ‘Birizza’ Review

If you haven’t heard of the Birizza, then you’ve probably missed one of the weirdest product launches in recent times. If I remember right, this was launched sometime in April. The Birizza is a proprietary food item prepared by the Pizza… Continue Reading →

Transformers – Fourth Time Lucky?

Apart from How to Train Your Dragon 2, the only other big title this month is Transformers: Age of Extinction, due for release this Friday. The first three movies in the series have grossed a total of $2,669,807,552 (Source: Wikipedia),… Continue Reading →

A Game That Took 13 Years To Build

Adam Butcher’s game, Tobias and the Dark Sceptres, might not get a lot of critical acclaim, and it might be played by less than a few thousand players. Still, the game has an interesting story behind it, because the developer… Continue Reading →

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