May 2014

And Now The PS4 Seems Cheap!

The latest game console currently available in the Indian market is the Sony Playstation 4, and it retails for Rs.40,000. If you think that is expensive, then spare a thought for PC gaming enthusiasts, who wish to play games with… Continue Reading →

Too Many Games…Can’t Write!

I remember that in the past I’ve taken random breaks from writing a full-length blog post due to various reasons. I’m going to take one today. Watch_Dogs and Transistor kept me busy the whole time, and for some strange reason… Continue Reading →

‘Transistor’ Saves The Day

Today I found myself having one of those days when you simply do not feel like doing anything at all. If such a day is a working day then most people grudgingly go to work, but (un)luckily, I have the… Continue Reading →

A New Prototype of Google’s Self-Driving Car

We’ve all known for a while  that self-driving cars are a common sight at the Google headquarters, and that the project has existed for a considerable amount of time. Today a new exciting announcement has been made by the company,… Continue Reading →

Watch Dogs – Initial Impressions

After spending five years in development and being announced to the public two years back, Watch_Dogs was finally released today. Needless to say, expectations were riding high on this game since its debut at E3 2012. The recent six-month delay… Continue Reading →

Watch Dogs Releases Tomorrow – Will Run On Machines With 4GB RAM

One of the most eagerly awaited games of the year – Watch Dogs – is releasing tomorrow. PC gamers, who have been upset with the demanding specs of the game can be a little relieved with Ubisoft’s announcement that the… Continue Reading →

A 30-Hour Wait For A 20-Second Appointment

That is actually a very generous estimate. It is more of a 2-second appointment. This post is about the pain felt by devotees of Lord Venkateshwara as they queue up to see his idol at Tirumala. It’s not uncommon to… Continue Reading →

*Sigh* More Movie “Reviews”!

Wow, May sure has been a busy month for moviebuffs. There’s another week to go, but all the watchable movies on my list are done. I hope this is the last “reviews” post for this month, because I feel I’ve… Continue Reading →

Kochadaiiyaan – The Review

In my previous post about Kochadaiiyaan, published more than two months ago, I finished rambling with these lines: Anyway, despite complaints from critics and jobless bloggers alike, Kochadaiiyaan is an interesting entry in the Indian cinema scene. Now if only the… Continue Reading →

The Big Flipkart-Myntra News

I was initially going to scribble a review of X-Men Days of Future Past today, but I’ve pushed that to the future (no, stay with me for a while!) because today’s big news is…BIG! Flipkart has acquired Myntra for a… Continue Reading →

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