April 2014

Same-Day Delivery

Flipkart is now offering same-day delivery as an option in select cities for select products. Buyers will have to fork out a shipping fee of Rs.140 (to be bumped up to Rs.200 soon). The delivery option is available for orders… Continue Reading →

Nokia’s New CEO

Guess which college in India is going to see a tremendous rise in applications soon? Manipal Institute of Technology. Why? Because with today’s announcement that Nokia has appointed Rajeev Suri as its new CEO, Manipal Institute of Technology will have had… Continue Reading →

CHIP India Is No More…

…and I’ve discovered that fact eight months too late. Apparently, the September 2013 issue was the last one. I had stopped buying magazines since 2012, simply because there were too many magazines to read in the college library. I never… Continue Reading →

The Finger!

Has Russell Peters picked up on this one yet? I remember watching one of his shows where he makes another of his cultural jokes, in which a simple hand gesture means “Have you eaten?” in India, while it is a rather… Continue Reading →

Extra-Terrestrial Discovered in New Mexico

No, this is not a piece of news about some alien-sighting. This is a piece of news that proves an urban gaming “myth” true. In 1983, the video game industry in the USA “crashed”, and the blame was largely pointed… Continue Reading →

The MLA Candidates Are on Facebook

It was only a matter of time before I started rambling about the elections! Today I noticed a very interesting ad on Facebook. It was linked to a page about an MLA candidate in some random constituency (poor targeting options,… Continue Reading →

Catch Up!

As I wrote that post about Comic Con yesterday, I was thinking – India always plays catch-up with the developed world w.r.t each and every idea. For example, Comic Conventions have been held in the US since 1970. It wasn’t until… Continue Reading →

Comic Con 2014 – Bangalore and Hyderabad

In the last two years, the Comic Con Express visited Bangalore (2012) and Hyderabad (2013). Both times, it gained a lot of attention from fans of comics (and cosplay!) from across the country. The main event – Comic Con – is always… Continue Reading →

Every Video Game Ever Made

In case you haven’t played a single video game until now, then you haven’t missed much; only around 43, 811 games and counting! An anonymous person is compiling a list of every video game ever made, with help from the… Continue Reading →

Ubisoft’s Bestselling Franchises

Ubisoft has published a list of its best-selling franchises, and not surprisingly, Assassin’s Creed tops the list with 73 million copies sold so far. The surprise was to note that the Prince of Persia franchise has sold just 20 million… Continue Reading →

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