March 2014

The Countdown Really Begins…

No matter how many days you count down to the end, the last ten days always seem to be the “final countdown”. Who can get over the excitement of counting down “Ten…Nine…Eight…” all the way to Zero, and then blast… Continue Reading →

Far Cry 3 – Finished In Time!

There’s two ways to look at this – it’s either good that I finished the game way before the exams began, or it’s bad because it leaves the window open for a new game! It was easy to see why… Continue Reading →

Re-Discovering PS2 Emulation

Production of the PS2 was halted last year; yet it continues to remain the most popular console ever sold till date. And no doubt there are still millions of gamers who play on their PS2s everyday. With thousands of games… Continue Reading →

The Reading List Is Ready

Now comes the hard part; to actually read all those books! I have over 300 books on the list right now, and at a conservative estimate that will take me at least two years to finish, three if I end… Continue Reading →

Far Cry 3 – Oh No, It’s Good!

When an examination is around the corner, it’s highly unlikely to find me without playing a game. For some reason (which I do know very well), video games seem most interesting right before the exams! So today I started playing Far… Continue Reading →

Facebook Buys Occulus VR. So What?

Wikipedia puts the number of acquisitions made by Facebook till date at 46.  The 46th entry in that list is Occulus VR; a company less than two years old, whose first and only product – Occulus Rift – is still not ready for… Continue Reading →

What Do The Price Drops Indicate?

So despite the initial excitement, I still haven’t read Be Careful What You Wish For, and won’t be doing so till I get back home. Two things have been worrying me recently. One is the absence of the usual country-wide tour… Continue Reading →

Tough, Tough Game

March has been a busy month in terms of big-name game releases. One such release was Dark Souls 2. While reviews of the game are good (and not extraordinary), the one thing most reviewers can’t stop talking about is how much… Continue Reading →

Time To Move On From Ramblings?

This blog was never meant to have any useful content. I started it nearly 3 years back with the sole intention of writing everyday. It was a challenge back then, because I was writing, but not enough, and certainly not… Continue Reading →

Bangalore Is Hot!

I’m only referring to the temperature here! The city is getting hotter by the day, and it’s really annoying. A year ago, Bangalore was definitely cooler in March. Now it’s become difficult to stay in a room without the fan… Continue Reading →

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