February 2014

New Batman Arkham Game Announcement Is Nearby

It is expected that Rocksteady is about to announce its new Batman:Arkham game shortly, as several game retailers received promotional materials from the studio featuring the Batman logo. The last game in the Arkahm series was not developed by Rocksteady, but… Continue Reading →

Twitch Plays Pokemon

For the past two weeks, a social experiment has been taking place , on Twitch.tv, a popular streaming portal, brought to further prominence by the PS4. The experiment is called Twitch Plays Pokemon, and it is a livestream of an early Pokemon game. The… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Reading Room

One of my favourite places in the college used to the be the library reading room; a separate section from the library, which was full of magazines and newspapers. It would still be one of my favourite places, had it not… Continue Reading →

Operation Lazyhead – Update #1

So I began February with a plan to try and become less lazy. I planned to do just one thing towards this goal this month. The first level. But, giving the plan a name was all I could manage to… Continue Reading →

Imported Pollution

China’s manufacturing industry is the largest in the world.  It also has the largest population in the world, and the second largest land area in the world. Put all this together and you get a lot of air pollution (and that’s… Continue Reading →

The PS4 Gets Big Numbers in Japan

Isn’t it strange that Sony has been triumphantly announcing sales figures in nearly every country where the PS4 has been launched, but left out India? All we’ve heard about PS4 sales in India is that there is a “shortage”. That…is… Continue Reading →

Nokia Enters the Android Universe

Nokia has announced the launch of not one, but three Android handsets. Named the X, X+ and XL, these smartphones will run on a custom Android flavour, heavily inspired from the Windows Phone UI. First impressions state that the devices… Continue Reading →

Release Day Review Embargo = Bad Game?

This was the question that I found on a random forum today, in regard to the release day embargo on reviews for Thief. The stealth game, which is a reboot of an older series, releases on the 25th of this month…. Continue Reading →

Highway – It Keeps Going On and On

I am all for watching a different movie, and I understand if some people like it and many don’t; however, some stories are just too strange to accept on the first watch. And they’re also not that interesting to give… Continue Reading →

Maverick! A 21-Year Old Book With A Futuristic Lesson

My friend lent me a book called Maverick! by Ricardo Semler – a Brazilian businessman – and I was at first skeptical if this would be another lousy book preaching impractical lessons. Moreover, the book was originally published in 1993! Surely… Continue Reading →

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