January 2014

End of Month 1

And just like that, a whole month came to an end in the New Year. I wasn’t working for nearly half of it, and yet I seem to have done a whole lot of things in these thirty one days…. Continue Reading →

Google Sells Motorola to Lenovo

Motorola is about to re-enter the Indian market after a gap, with Moto G. But it’s in the news today for an entirely different reason: it’s being sold-off to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. Google bought Motorola for more than $12 billion…. Continue Reading →

Svbtle Opens Its Doors to Everyone

In yet another instance of a misspelled website becoming popular, Svbtle has raised a lot of interest in the blogging community by throwing open its doors to everyone. Till recently, one could only use Svbtle by invitation. So why is the blogging community… Continue Reading →

The Simpsons and Oogle Goggles

The latest episode of The Simpsons parodies the upcoming Google Glass (which is yet to have a release date). Mr.Burns gifts all his employees with “Oogle Goggles”, which are voice-operated wearable spectacles/computers. But he also has a hidden agenda for the… Continue Reading →

Imported (Expensive!) Books

Did you know that a lot of people who do not claim to read books have read or at least flipped through at least a hundred books, and possibly more? I’m referring to all those textbooks that we read at… Continue Reading →

Jai Ho! Oh No!

It was not until last week that I learnt that Salman Khan’s latest movie, Jai Ho, was a remake of the 2006 Telugu movie, Stalin. Right then, I guessed that Jai Ho would be a major disappointment, because Stalin had been one. Why anyone would… Continue Reading →

Facebook Trends

Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature for Indian users, which shows “trending” news in the sidebar as soon as you log in. This new means of spreading news is not surprising, since people have been sharing news over… Continue Reading →

The PS4 Is Very Much In Stock!

Today I caught a glimpse of the PS4 again, and it was very much in stock, with several boxes lying around the store. A demo of Killzone was being played, and was looking quite impressive. On a set beside it, ACIV was… Continue Reading →

One Day Delivery

A recent update from the e-commerce world is that the majors have started offering one-day shipping for certain products. Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are the ones that I have tracked; there might be others as well. The idea of course,… Continue Reading →

In My Experience…

As one ages through life, one picks up a lot of experience about lots of things. This experience teaches one many important lessons about life. When a person crosses a certain age, he/she starts getting the urge to share these valuable… Continue Reading →

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