December 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve. Go to Sleep.

Everyone’s entitled to their own views, right? Well I feel that staying up late on December 31st is a silly way of beginning the new year. Then again, it’s a free country. What’s annoying is that some of those who… Continue Reading →

Steam in India?

Steam is blocked at my college. It is a legal distribution system that allows users to pay for, and download games to their computers. However, all gaming sites, especially those that encourage downloads are strictly banned at my college. I’m… Continue Reading →

The Ugly Metro

A good chunk of Hyderabad’s roads are currently in an ugly state, thanks to the construction work going on for the Hyderabad Metro project. Thousands of crores have been poured into this project, and there was no initiative to get… Continue Reading →

Telugu Keyboard on Smartphones

Every time someone sees me using my laptop or phone with a Telugu user interface, they seem surprised, and sometimes ask me “why”. My standard reply to this question is that I use a Telugu interface because the feature is… Continue Reading →

Sherlock Holmes in the Public Domain

The college library has a complete collection of Sherlock Holmes’ stories and novels. I’m yet to read them all, but I am pleased today that the character has officially entered the public domain. Simply put, that allows just about anybody… Continue Reading →

Fun Day

Fun day. Too lazy to write about it all, since there wouldn’t be an end if I start rambling. I’ll surely miss having such pure fun at college, though. This has definitely been one of the better term breaks I’ve… Continue Reading →

Dhoom 3 – Rinse, Repeat

Why, oh why did Bollywood fall in love with the concept of sequels? Around seven years ago, there were rarely any sequels to be seen, and even if the films were formulaic, they were randomly entertaining thanks to the “fresh”… Continue Reading →

Books, Anyone?

After ages, I visited a second-hand bookstore close by, and was immediately reminded of how easy it was to get lost in the wonderful world of books. There were more than a dozen books that I wanted to buy immediately,… Continue Reading →

The Internet Issue

One or two years ago, there was a lot of hullaboo about Airtel offering a 100Mbps internet connection. As expected, it was available only in limited cities, and the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) was ridiculous. I do not know the… Continue Reading →

Too Happy To Write Much

The first day of the holidays began today. Unlimited, UNRESTRICTED fast internet connectivity. Home-cooked meals. The ability to control the fans and lights. Chetak still in excellent condition. Enough said.

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