November 2013

Why Does HP Charge 1000 Rupees For A 15-Minute Service?

After ACIV successfully overheated my laptop to the extent that it wouldn’t run for more than 30 minutes at a stretch, I knew that I had to clean the interiors of the machine. Having lost my old laptop to overheating,… Continue Reading →

ACIV – 50% Synched

It is 3:30 in the morning now, and my poor laptop has triggered a shutdown to prevent overheating four times in the last seven hours. I feel it’s worth it, because I’ve reached the end of the main storyline of… Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo…Done! Again!

I’m finding it hard to write longer posts thanks to ACIV and classes, so it is good timing that I finished my Telugu novel for NaNoWriMo! Not only does it take away one thing to do everyday, but it also… Continue Reading →

Do Classes Dull Your Mind?

I’ve rambled about this topic before, and I think about it often, especially when I have to sit through a dull lecture that doesn’t seem to be useful at all. If you include kindergarten, I’m now in my twentieth year… Continue Reading →

When Side-missions Overtook the Main Story…

Fifteen hours into ACIV, I find the main story to be the weakest point of the game. That’s disappointing, because I always like to read/listen/watch/play a good story.  ACIV definitely has a less hard-to-digest story than ACIII, but that doesn’t… Continue Reading →

The Eighth Generation of Console Wars is On!

Now that the XBox One has been released as well, the console wars have truly entered the eight generation. In the seventh generation, it took more than three years for really good games to be launched on the consoles. This… Continue Reading →


I didn’t update my word count everyday as I intended to, but it’s finally done – at least the English part of it – I’ve crossed 50,000 words before the end of the month! Predictably, the story stinks. The writing… Continue Reading →

Thermal Shutdown

Assassin’s Creed IV caused my laptop to trigger a thermal shutdown – a state of hibernation caused due to potential overheating of the processor. I have been using the laptop’s “dual graphics” to run the game, and even at the… Continue Reading →

Assassin’s Creed IV:Black Flag Is Finally Here!

Not many days ago, I realised that it had been a year since I bought my laptop. One year. For a laptop whose owner is a normal user, it might not make any difference. For a laptop whose owner is… Continue Reading →

$381 To Build, $645 To Sell

These are only estimates, but apparently the Playstation 4 costs around $381 to manufacture, which is $18 short of its U.S. selling price of $399. Sony reportedly sells the console at a loss of $60 per unit at the price…. Continue Reading →

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