August 2013

Another Rant on Infosys

There are some companies about which you can never stop talking about, be it good or bad. I have a few, and one of those few, belonging to India, is Infosys. I didn’t plan to rant about Infosys today, but it… Continue Reading →

Escape From The Viva

I did say I would hit the pause button on the complaints, but after six hours of sitting through the internship “viva” sessions, I have no choice but to complain again. I didn’t attend today’s sessions at all, because I… Continue Reading →

The Cost of A Free Service

The internet has provided us with so many free services that we enjoy, that most of us do not seem to be prepared to face the fact that there is always a cost involved with a free service. The phrase, There’s… Continue Reading →

Grade A? Or C? Have It Your Way, Just Let Me Be!

Well it’s done; the formality of “viva voce” is finished, and I am (hopefully) free from the nastiness involved with the Summer Internship (SIP). It did not go as I expected, and I was interrupted multiple times during my presentation… Continue Reading →

Jobs – The Movie

One can’t really say “Spoiler Alert!” for a biopic, but I’ll still say “Spoiler Alert!” just in case one of you is planning to watch Jobs. Read at your own caution. This is not a review, so I won’t be careful… Continue Reading →

The Last Obstacle To Freedom From SIP

“Viva voce” is a Latin phrase literally meaning “with living voice,” but most often translated as “by word of mouth.” Thus says Wikipedia, which also has an article on the oral examination which is commonly called as “Viva” in a… Continue Reading →

A Basic Doubt About College Education

Ok let’s be honest – most Indian college students get their degrees by cramming one or two days before the exams. That is how you get that unfriendly statistic of less than 20% graduates being employable. I’ve done this myself…. Continue Reading →

Why Stick To One Ladder?

Reading Ravi Subramanian’s books might not be a smooth experience, but they certainly make you think about a certain theme, that of life in the “corporate world”. While a lot of what happens in the books is fiction, three things… Continue Reading →

Steve Ballmer All Set To Retire

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Steve Ballmer. Three people with three different personalities. All three of them are big names in the PC industry, and the tech community is always eager to lap up any news about these people. So… Continue Reading →

The ‘John Grisham’ of India? Let’s Hope Not

Ravi Subramanian wants to be known as the John Grisham of India. He writes thrillers set in the Indian banking industry. He has also written a non-fiction book which has stories largely from the banking industry. Since 2007 he’s written five… Continue Reading →

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