June 2013

What’s With The Wimbledon Shock Exits?

Let me admit that I am only a casual tennis fan, hence most of my ramblings might not make any sense at all! The shocking exits of Rafeal Nadal and Roger Federer from the Wimbledon (amidst the other shocks in… Continue Reading →

Windows 8.1 – Nothing To Get Really Excited About

Well, after another day of using Windows 8.1, I can safely say that there is nothing really exciting about this update. Then again, this was always meant to be a free update for Windows 8 users, so obviously there were… Continue Reading →

First Impressions on Windows 8.1

Although Microsoft released Windows 8.1 two days ago, the ISOs were made available only at around 9:30pm yesterday. Had there been any exciting changes, I would have installed the update yesterday itself. The absence of such changes postponed my tinkering… Continue Reading →

Do You Update Your LinkedIn Page?

Over the past few months, LinkedIn has been changing its user interface quite a lot. The professional social network is still growing, and many professionals still consider it to be an important tool for meeting new contacts and conducting serious… Continue Reading →

Windows 8.1 Preview Is Now Available

Microsoft has released the preview of Windows 8.1, a major update to Windows 8. Curiously enough, the update can be run as a separate operating system, which means you don’t need Windows 8 to install it. You do have to take… Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Satyam

During the time I was getting ready to join Class XI, Satyam was perhaps even bigger than Infosys, at least in the minds of the thousands of parents across Andhra Pradesh. Who doesn’t like a local brand? After Satyam started its growth, the old-favourite Infosys suddenly… Continue Reading →

Is All Forgiven Now?

India has won the ICC Champions Trophy. This is news that is no doubt a moment of joy for cricket fans all across the country. But I doubt if this victory will be enough to silence the fact that India… Continue Reading →

The Trouble With “Achievements” In Gaming

Although all the recent excitement about the next-gen consoles has gotten me rambling a lot about them, I’m actually a true PC gamer. I do enjoy the console experience, and it was one of the ancient cartridge-based consoles that I… Continue Reading →

Action 3D – A Comedy Movie?

Why would a comedy be named Action? And why does a comedy need to be in 3D? Blame it on Avatar, but every movie producer seems to think that shooting a movie in 3D (or converting one from 2D to 3D)… Continue Reading →

Monsters University – A Mediocre Prequel

First, let me admit that I fell asleep during the movie. It wasn’t the movie’s fault; I had very little sleep yesterday, and was feeling quite drowsy just before the show (which was immediately after lunch).  Anyway, I fell asleep,… Continue Reading →

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